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Since spring 2016, I have been practicing in downtown Toronto. My well-established reputation, universally positive reviews, and a body of loyal select clientele speaks to my skills and dedication to the art of human intimacy. My approach is rooted in honest communication, mutual safety and respect integral to creating ecstatic moments between me and my cherished guests.

For the first 4 months of 2018, I was no longer accepting new guests, however I have have opening my schedule to accept a maximum of 1 new guest per week, pending availability. ​ A 30 year old Scorpio. Rebecca stands 5’ 71/2“ with a subtlety curvy, athletic build.  I regularly work out my mind as well as my body. I work out as often as my schedule and body allow and I unwind by reading fiction or watching serial dramas or science-fiction.

I realized long ago that I was gifted in the art of human intimacy. I get excited at the possibility of connecting with another, to understand and share, even just for a couple hours, our mutual desires and dreams. I consider myself a curator of passions, a choreographer of desire. Deeply empathic and intuitive, I enjoy cultivating moments when I can feel what another feels as our lives and bodies intertwine.

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Below is my current rate schedule, effective January 1, 2018. As I will be seeing just you the day we book, my rate schedule favours longer bookings; these allow time for us to enrich our experiences and connect on deeper levels. If you are a first-time guests, I recommend booking a minimum of 1.5h so as to not feel rushed nor have any unneeded time pressures. And, as always, rates are for my time, nothing more, nothing less.

1 HOUR | $400

1.5 HOUR | $550

2 HOURS | $700

3 HOURS | $900

4 HOURS | $1100

6 HOURS | $1400

16 HOURS (overnight) | $2000

3 HOURS "Winterlicious" Dinner Date | $750


I am intentionally a low-volume provider - you deserve my full attention, energy, and only the best experience. And I am uncompromising in striving to achieve this. Because of my approach, great reviews, and high repeat rate, I often am booking often several days or even weeks in advance for first-time guests. If you’re travelling to town or have a particular date in mind, please contact me as early as possible to ensure that I can keep your desired day free on my schedule

Thursday - Saturday

12pm - 10pm


Mid June


Other times may be available upon request


  • How do I book an appointment?

    The best way to book an appointment is to fill out the contact form on my site. Initial contact is usually made via email. Initially, you may speak with myself or my booking assistant. If you complete the screening and we find a mutually agreeable appointment time, I usually find it mutually beneficial to have a brief, scheduled, 5-10 minute phone conversation a day or two prior to meeting to finalize our plans. If the contact form is not working, please send an email to my encrypted email at

  • What information do you need to book an appointment?

    Given the sensitivity and importance of your privacy, I only ask for the minimum info that I require in order to ensure that you are both a legitimate guest (that you are serious and will follow thru with the appointment) and that you do not present a risk to my safety. Generally, I need your name and phone number (no VOiP/texting apps please) as well as a reference of some sort. Many guests are on TER or p411 and their profile there shows that they have been ‘whitelisted’ or ‘okayed’ by other providers. If you are not on these sites, then a recent (within the past 6 months, ideally) reference from another provider whom you have met (it need not be in Toronto) will suffice. Any information you provide is held in unequivocally strict confidence and I use an encrypted email service for all communication.

  • Why do you need a deposit?

    In some cases a small deposit may be requested when booking your first appointment with me. As I only see a small number of guests per month its important that those that I do book show up. The deposit is not large and is just a small token gesture (of $100 usually) to indicate serious intent. It can be made either via Interac Etransfer (if you have a Cdn bank account) or with an Amazon Canada e-gift card. If you have reservations about this, consider that my reputation over the past 2 years would not be possible if I was running off with people’s $100 deposits.

  • How far ahead are you booking? Do you offer same-day appointments?

    I usually take pre-bookings for anywhere from 3 or 4 days ahead, Unfortunately my schedule is usually booked up at least a week in advance and so I do not offer same-day bookings. I book up so far in advance for a few reasons. First, I have a large number of regular guests. Second, my reviews and reputation speak for themselves and there is demand for my time. Third, I am not a high-volume provider. You deserve my best and I am uncompromising in this regard. I won’t ever book multiple guests on the same day and a maximum of 1 new guest per week. As a result, if you’re travelling to Toronto or have a particular date in mind, please contact me as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

  • Do you offer social dates? Phone dates? Weekend-long dates?

    Yes i do! For the sake of space - and because they can vary depending on the timing, length, and the specifics of the date - I do not post these rates online. If you’re interested in social dates, phone dates, or extended (weekend, week-long, etc…) encounters please contact me with what you had in mind. Note that for any extended encounter deposits are mandatory and non-negotiable as I will be taking time off work just for you.

  • Where is your incall located? What does it look like?

    My Toronto penthouse incall is discreet, classy and conveniently located in downtown Toronto, just off the highway and close to 2 major streetcar lines. Complimentary parking is available for guests booking appointments of 2h or longer in the building. There is limited street parking nearby as well as some lots nearby. I will provide details as needed in the day(s) leading up to our appointment.

  • What happens in a session?

    No two people are created alike. Similarly the reasons for seeing a provider vary greatly from one guest to another. Some are craving physical release. For others, intimacy - in all its forms - is more important. Some people like to please, some prefer to be on their knees. Whatever it is you are looking for, I am usually happy to oblige. For some things, its important to let me know in advance as certain things may require preparation or purchase of things in advance of our session. When we talk on the phone feel free to let me know how I can make our time together extra special!

  • What should I bring? What can I do to get ready?

    On the day of your appointment give yourself enough time to arrive without being rushed. I offer complimentary refreshments and snacks for longer appointments. When you arrive, you may take a shower if you hadn’t had the chance before coming, and settle into a cozy bathrobe. I believe feeling comfortable in my space is an important first step towards delivering the highest-quality experiences. If you have anything that you want to bring, feel free to pack it and maybe we can make use of it. Please let me know if you have any special needs, or medical issues that I should be aware of (e.g. heart conditions, latex allergy). Your enjoyment and safety is truly my number one (and one-b) priority.


I welcome reviews. ​I always enjoy hearing guests' reflections on experiences we share. On both sides of the fence there is too much uncertainty in this industry & so I favour anything that supports accountability - provided that it is accurate & respectful. You can find reviews of me on local boards, but largely my reviews are housed on TER - (TER ID: 304113).

NEW! Are you a guest who has seen me in the past? Would you like to write a review? As an alternative (or in addition) to submitting to your favourite review board (e.g. TER - or email it directly to me to post here, under a pseudonym of your choice of course.

A warm, genuine and intellectual person. Warms up, heats up, fires up. Incredibly sexual. Very intense (in a very good way) session. I cannot recommend highly enough. Recently moved to Ontario from Alberta where I saw maybe 40 or 50 ladies over a couple of years. No expert but I know what I like. Becca was spectacular...I just had one of the most incredible sexual experiences of my life - please, keep it.


Rebecca is amazing… she’s super smart and funny, amazingly intuitive and empathetic, extremely erotic and sensual, and a total hottie to boot. I had booked an outcall with her… she was very discreet and showed up at my hotel-room perfectly on time. She walked in and flashed me a big smile and seemed genuinely happy to see me… It was instantly disarming and built my confidence up right away....suffice it to say.. I highly recommend Rebecca, you will not regret it. If you want a beautiful woman that will be fun and easy to hang with and will make you forget that it's even a "service", then contact her!


It was an unforgettable experience....Becca has one of the most beautiful smiles! She has an extremely caring nature... I had no clue was I was in the store for! I was already excited because she had come to get me from the lobby! So, the moment we got in, we startThe moment the door opens I see this beautiful angel robbed in a silken clothes covering those finer assets. I was mesmerized and her atiquates towards a gentlemen are truly commendable. We shared a sip of wine and started the foreplay of my lifetime. She is just goddess kama herself. Everything went so smooth and so sensual that I can't deny her skills to please a man.ed kissing! She is so hot, its hard to keep your hands off her beautiful alabaster skin!


The moment the door opens I see this beautiful angel robbed in a silken clothes covering those finer assets. I was mesmerized and her atiquates towards a gentlemen are truly commendable. We shared a sip of wine and started the foreplay of my lifetime. She is just goddess kama herself. Everything went so smooth and so sensual that I can't deny her skills to please a man.



Ready to take the plunge? To get in touch, please complete the contact form below. In your email message below, please describe what spurred you to reach out and any particular interests or goals for our time together. Let me know if you have relevant health issues or allergies that you think I should know about and, of course, let me know what day(s) and times work best for you. I do not discriminate on the basis of age or ethnicity and you needn’t share those details with me unless it’s important to you that I know.

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